NY State Exam August Review Sessions

    Welcome FLSM Ithaca Current Students and Alumni! The Ithaca campus is hosting several State Exam Review sessions in August. Come join us and prepare for the NY State Exam happening on August 22, 2019 R.S.V.P. Not required, but appreciated. Contact Rosemary Joseph at rjoseph@flsm.edu specifying days and times you will be attending.

Innate Common Sense

by Jeannie O’Neill, Education Director   As human beings, we often are seeking external things to feel satisfied, or outside validation and understanding. When we want an answer about what to do next or where to go, we look around for a friendly face, a guide or a teacher. I noticed that often when I… Read More

Your Breath is Your Friend

Blog Post by Jeannie O’Neill, FLSM Education Director When I lead trainings, retreats, or workshops on meditation one of the first things I hear people say is that they cannot meditate or that they are just not good at it. I remember a time I felt the same way, that meditation was supposed to look… Read More

You Are What You Seek

Many of us search for purpose, and within that search we are often focused on a method to get there, or a teacher to guide us. Often it is believed that the solution, and the answers, are found externally. We emulate others, copy friends, try to reform ourselves into what we see as the way… Read More

Featured Faculty: Heidi Eckerson

After living in the past (and her head) for over a decade teaching history, Heidi decided a change was in order. Attending FLSM reminded her about the importance of being present and allowed her to get reacquainted with the rest of her body. After graduating in 2012, she opened a private practice where she is… Read More