Conscious Coziness

Have you noticed this trending word, Hygge, popping up more and more in your social media feeds and in blog posts? If you have, its for a good reason. Hygge (pronounced Hoo-ga) is a Danish practice of intimate warmth. To boil down the concept, it’s simply coziness, although it really is so much more.

As the world gets darker and almost simultaneously, more busy, the craving for escape and relaxation is prevalent. This is the time of year where people long for a vacation of warmth, as we scan the internet for trips to float us off to a tropical paradise. Our invitation to you is to look within for a vacation that fills you with warmth and replenishing energy without leaving your home.

Let’s be honest, the Danes have long been able to maintain a standard of calm and love of a stress-free lifestyle.

Hygge is not just for cold winter months. Hygge is a lifestyle, a commitment to peace, and at times a rejection of busy-ness. What we love about it is the foundation idea of warmth and intimacy. Whether we are cozying up with books, pillows and blankets, making a cup of tea, or going to a warm candlelight yoga class, hygge can feel like an oasis in the middle of your week. Hygge can also be a social or family occasion, where all of your nearest and dearest get together and enjoy a hot cup of mulled cider and reminisce about younger days. It can be a commitment to a warm bath and soothing music on Wednesday night after a particularly full day of work.

Pause for a moment while reading this, and bring in the consciousness of Hygge. What is already a part of your life that fits into this practice? Now, make a list of all the ways that Hygge is a part of your life. Commit to cozy!! If you feel like your list is lacking in some areas, or if you feel like it is easier to embrace Hygge at home, but remember Hygge is not just one more thing to do. It is a lifestyle, and shifts in day to day living can make Hygge a reality for you no matter the season or the company you are keeping.

Ultimately, hygge requires you to just be yourself. Open and vulnerable, without your guard up or an over-inflated ego. When we enter the lifestyle of Hygge, as the Danes do, we stop trying to prove something and just enjoy what is happening now. The focus into bond with one another in a cozy intimate way, not separate and fragment in a competitive or boasting manner. We cannot be warm and cozy if we are divided. Think of this as a big, supportive, emotional, cuddle puddle. Next, invite in lightheartedness. Can you focus on seeing the joy in the moment and releasing drama? When we practice Hygge we tap into all of the senses and fully immerse ourselves in the experience. No judgment, negativity or complaining in the Hygge moments.

Another important aspect of Hygge lifestyle is to approach situations as a member of a team. Think of the times when humans needed to come together in the winter just to survive. Hygge takes on that collective spirit with a positive spin. Perhaps it is no longer a necessity, but goodness it can be fun! Everyone has to work together as a team to find the flow and so that no one feels overly burdened. Hygge is a shelter and a safe place. There is no need for networking or building your resume. Hygge is just for relaxation and open hearts. Hygge space is sacred and we leave our problems and complaints outside the door. This allows the space to be a place for connection without fear of expectations or judgment.

Imagine, no one needing to be the center of attention or taking the credit. No one is trying to be the best or be right. Hygge is just a place to find a cozy oasis. It can be a small practice at first and then build to more and more time spent in Hygge. It might seem difficult at first to commit to a Hygge lunch or one day a week. See how it feels to be in conscious coziness. We think you’ll like it!