Continuing Education Provider Spotlight – Jenna Milner

Augment Your Perception and Amplify Healing with Biodynamic Craniosacral Work.

Interested in a professional skill that doubles as a meditation practice? The Finger Lakes School of Massage invites you to a program in BIODYNAMIC CRANIOSACRAL WORK with instructor Jenna Kit Milner!

Jenna Milner is a 1996 graduate of FLSM, who went on to study meditation, yoga, and every paradigm of craniosacral work, until she landed on the modality that became her passion: Biodynamic Craniosacral Work (“Biodynamics”). Jenna reports:

“Biodynamics is by far the most clinically effective tool I’ve used. When I started my massage practice, I sometimes felt like I was moving from one knot to the next in a never-ending sequence! Biodynamic work transformed my practice.

It’s a clinical orientation that facilitates healthy function, instead of seeking to identify and fix what’s wrong. Biodynamics calls upon inner stillness, which is far from being passive. This kind of stillness is a skillful “non-doing” that blends meditative inquiry with the healing arts.

This work dramatically heightens the practitioner’s perception. We learn to follow the body’s wisdom, which dictates the session’s sequence and the clinical priorities of each moment — and it’s uncanny! It’s been compelling, transformative, and meaningful for my clients.

Because I never need to fall back on a routine, it makes the work constantly fresh and interesting. I practice it in its pure form; but I also integrate it with massage, and I’ve pioneered a new verbal form of the work to enhance comfort, health, and embodiment.”

Looking to jumpstart your own Biodynamic studies? FLSM sponsors several of Jenna’s classes, including the upcoming 2-day workshop:

November 4 and 5, 2017

Instructor Jenna Milner will mentor you in simple internal adjustments of awareness that she uses in clinical practice to promote grounding, positive body image, pain relief, perceptual clarity, and the evolution of consciousness. The foundational kinesthetic and perceptual tools that you learn in this workshop can be integrated into any modality you practice.

We will take our lead from a bodywork modality called Biodynamic Craniosacral Work. But this weekend we will distill the material into an enlivening, non-technical, and non-medical approach that will move you toward embodiment, wholeness, and freedom of perception. The perceptual skills you gain can be applied to all healing arts, self-care, and your relationships with clients, students, and loved ones.

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Jenna also offers more extended programs about Biodynamic Craniosacral Work. A new curriculum will address your personal relationship with your body, instead of focusing on the clinical aspects. For more information email Jenna at or visit: