Did You Know That Massage Therapy Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure?

Nurse with a patient in the hospital

If you suffer from high blood pressure, it’s likely that your doctor has put you on some sort of medication, maybe asked you to change your diet and exercise habits. Fortunately, there are more holistic methods to lowering high blood pressure, and one of them is massage therapy. Yes, massage therapy can actually help lower your blood pressure. Read this article by Gina Michael, NCTMB, LMT to find out more.

Generally after finding out you have high blood pressure there are numerous lifestyle changes your doctor may prescribe. He may urge you to exercise regularly, lose weight, reduce sodium, reduce alcohol and caffeine intake, and stop smoking. In addition to those changes, you can add receiving regular massage.

As a massage therapist who provides chair massages in association with the health affairs department of a local business, I see many clients with a variety of health issues. One particular client would receive massage each week just after having his blood pressure checked by the company nurse. He then followed up his massage with another blood pressure check. Just like clockwork, his blood pressure would always come down, sometimes by 10 points or more.

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