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What’s New in Neurology Seminar

June 27, 2019 @ 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm



We used to think neurons didn’t regenerate and IQ was fixed at birth. We now know that each of us makes about eighty thousand neurons every day and IQ will increase or decrease depending on activity. This wide-ranging seminar explores the new findings on how perception, learning, and memory are intertwined to form the different reality (whatever that is) each one of us experiences. The hands-on section will explore the linkage between that reality, emotion and muscle tone. We’ll finish off with a survey of the most recent research I call “This just in.” This seminar is part lecture and part practical instruction so that you can alter the muscle tone of your clients and their emotional wellbeing. Wear comfortable clothing that gives and a non-electric toothbrush (trust me). There will also be homework so that you can improve your IQ forever. If you’ve forgotten everything you’ve ever learned about neuro, don’t worry, no brains will be injured during the delivery of this material.


This four-hour seminar is open to students, alumni and faculty.

Hour 1: Description of perception and learning, including hands on demos of how complicated tasks get encoded in your brain.

Hour2: Description of the two main aspects of memory – encoding and retrieval – and how they can be altered by sleep and suggestion.

Hour 3: Demonstration of how proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation can change muscle tone which the students will perform on each other.

Hour 4: This just in. A report on all the newest findings about neurology, or as much as I can fit in.

William Rahner has been teaching all the science classes and most of the practical classes at the Swedish Institute since 1987, the year he graduated. He holds a BA in computer science from CUNY where he was a Merit Scholar (class of 1984 when we were still using keypunch cards!) His special areas of research are perception and learning which he studies every day. Course materials will be available from his blog, billsbrain.net. He is the content provider for the moodle interactive testing platform, which has helped over a thousand students graduate, get through their boards and become massage therapists. He has decades of massage experience treating most of the diseases taught in Pathology. He has just completed graduate work at CUNY with Dr. Mika Vesanen, a prominent virologist who developed some of the medications for HIV.

The Seminar cost is $95 and will be at the Finger Lakes School for Massage at 272 North Bedford Road, Mount Kisco, NY on JUNE 27 from 5:30 to 9:30PM.

To reserve your seat please send a check no later than Monday, JUNE 24 to:

William Rahner

112- 08 103 Ave

Richmond hill NY 11419

If you have any questions contact me directly at williamrahner1@gmail.com.




June 27, 2019
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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