Income: What do Massage Therapists Make?


Did you know that massage therapy is the fastest growing occupation in the country, according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics? In fact, employment opportunities are expected to grow 22 percent through 2024, which the Bureau calls “much faster than average.”

The future is bright as far as opportunities, so how much do massage therapists earn?

“In Maryland, the annual average income for a massage therapist is about $50,000 a year,” says Director of Admissions for Central Maryland School of Massage, Alyssa Robbin. “This is just an average—when looking at these numbers, I know on the low end are therapists working very part-time, and on the flip side, the top 10 percent are making over $100,000 a year.”

Director of ASIS (Arizona School for Integrative Studies) Massage Education, Joseph Rongo, adds that the national average hourly wage is over $20 and that the annual average wage is over $43,000.

Keep in mind that hourly and annual pay will vary according to where you work and how you work. Director of Admissions for Finger Lakes School of Massage, Jessica English explains: “Massage therapist paychecks vary depending on where they work and whether they are part or full-time, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual average wage in New York State is $62,000.”

For more information on the current and future earnings potential for massage therapists, particularly in your area, check out the Department of Labor’s website.

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