Kiros Pantelis Discusses New Book, Angels Watching Over Me: A New Age Odyssey, Reiki, and Motivation

KirosGreek-American author Kiros Pantelis has led an interesting life. In fact, his journey to healing was so full of rich experiences that it resulted in him writing a book, Angels Watching Over Me: A New Age Odyssey. Kiros interest in holistic healing led him to study yoga, meditation, and reiki. He has now been a life coach for over two decades and hopes to help people who are on their own individual journeys toward healing. 

“I learned reiki first. Before that, I was into self-taught yoga and meditation. I had an interest in yoga my whole life. I thought healers were more about the path,” he said. “Reiki is a Japanese technique that was brought over in Hawaii and it is different from the original form. Through the years, it has transitioned here in America. The practitioner will lay on different parts of the body. It will start from your head and face and it is hands-on form of transmitted energy and your body takes it.”

Regarding his new book, he said, “It is a book that took me close to five years to write. It is my journey. The journey of healing, my discoveries and my trials and errors. It’s a semi-bio that translates my short journey in the healing world.”

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