Massage and chocolate together? Too much of a good thing?

How amazing would it be to eat endless amounts of chocolate while having a massage therapist work on all those knots in your shoulders? The world-famous Cadbury company, creator of those yummy eggs, ran a one-day spa in London in which lucky participants received a massage and a manicure—all while feasting on delicious chocolate. Read the article to see if this is something you could see yourself enjoying and tweet @Cadbury_SA to “suggest” that they make this a year-round thing!

If two of your favourite things are chocolate and massages, you’re in for a treat. Chocolate giant Cadbury is opening a one-day only free spa in London’s Soho to celebrate their new chocolate bar.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley Lounge will open on May 5 on Bateman Street. Lucky ticket holders will be able to enjoy a head massage, hand or arm massages or a Cadbury Dairy Milk Medley bar-inspired manicure.

Massage-having, manicure-getting punters will also be eating chocolate the whole time – with Cadbury giving bars of the new Nut & Raspberry Medley and Fudge Medley to the lucky few.


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