The Hidden Health Benefits of Massage from

Did you know that getting a massage can actually improve your health? It’s true. Physical touch can benefit your body in a number of ways, such as lowering blood pressure and increasing serotonin—your brain’s natural anti-depressant. This article discusses a study done by Dr. Mark Rapaport that explores the health benefits of massage therapy. “We’re finding biological changes associated… Read More

Emotions Can Become Trapped in Our Body Tissue?

  We all know how emotions impact our lives. Whether we feel sad, angry, frustrated, or anxious…feelings can affect our whole day, and worse yet, they can affect our health. Fortunately, massage therapists trained in CranioSacral Therapy can locate and release those emotions. Continue reading to find out more about CranioSacral Therapy, different methods for… Read More

Did You Know That Massage Therapy Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure?

If you suffer from high blood pressure, it’s likely that your doctor has put you on some sort of medication, maybe asked you to change your diet and exercise habits. Fortunately, there are more holistic methods to lowering high blood pressure, and one of them is massage therapy. Yes, massage therapy can actually help lower… Read More

Massage and chocolate together? Too much of a good thing?

How amazing would it be to eat endless amounts of chocolate while having a massage therapist work on all those knots in your shoulders? The world-famous Cadbury company, creator of those yummy eggs, ran a one-day spa in London in which lucky participants received a massage and a manicure—all while feasting on delicious chocolate. Read… Read More