What People Should Know Before Getting Their First Professional Massage

Most of us use a specific barber or hairstylist (she always gets those layers just right!), or go to a specific nail salon for our mani-pedis (no place else will do!). Finding the right massage therapist is no different. Such relationships are built on mutual respect and trust and finding the right massage therapist can… Read More

What You Should Know if You Are Considering Becoming a Massage Therapist

Massage therapists have several options when it comes to their careers. Some choose to work in healthcare settings, such as chiropractic clinics; some choose to work in spas or fitness centers; and some choose to operate a private practice. Whatever the choice, massage therapists usually benefit from a flexible schedule and independence. This article from… Read More

Do you Know the Difference Between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage?

We train our students in several different types of massage therapy to equip them with the tools they need to serve a variety of clients. The different techniques all serve different purposes, but sometimes clients simply prefer one kind of massage technique over another. How familiar are you with different massage techniques? This article discusses… Read More

Massage Therapists on the Front Lines of the Battle Against Skin Cancer

Massage therapists cannot diagnose skin cancer, but they can serve to help detect issues early. Because massage therapists come in direct contact with the skin, and most people do not check their own skin for signs of cancer, therapists may be able to detect these signs early. If a massage therapist does notice something, a… Read More

Interview With AMTA 2016 National Convention Speaker, Therapist Tami Goldstein

Tami Goldstein was drawn to a career in holistic medicine when she saw how certain treatments were helping her autistic daughter. She graduated from massage therapy school, trained in lymphatic drainage and Reiki, and is dedicated to continuing education. Goldstein will present a lecture about treating clients with autism at the American Massage Therapy Association… Read More