To all FLSM – Mount Kisco Students:

I regret to inform all students that Finger Lakes School of Massage – Mount Kisco will hold its last classes on October 31st, 2019.  As you are likely aware, FLSM’s accreditor, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (“ACCET”), denied FLSM’s application for reaccreditation.  

We are sure you have questions about what happens next for you and your studies.  We are doing everything possible to provide the best possible options available to minimize any interruptions.  

Currently, New York State Education Department has approved an accelerated schedule  for students that are able to take advantage. Additionally, we are still working to try and establish teach out agreements however, have not finalized any teach out agreements at this time. Furthermore, any agreement would need to be approved by ACCET and the New York State Education Department.  If we are able to finalize any teach out agreements we will provide all necessary information for you to make an informed decision about continuing your education with any teach out partner.  

We also want our students to understand that there is no requirement that they accept any teach out arrangement and may instead receive a full refund for all tuition paid to FLSM.  Students who do not wish to complete their program with another school will receive a full discharge of any federal student loans taken to attend FLSM and will also receive a refund of any other tuition payments made.  This is also true in the event FLSM is not able to finalize a teach out arrangement with another school.  In that case all students will receive refunds and loan discharges.  However, students who choose to accept a refund will not be eligible for a teach out.  Similarly, students who choose to complete their program at another school will not be entitled to a refund or a loan discharge.

Students may also seek to transfer to another school of their choosing.  However, FLSM will have no control over how the new school handles transfer credits earned at FLSM.  Students who transfer before the closing date will not receive refunds and will not be eligible for a teach out.  

We want our students to understand that it has been our honor to serve you in your pursuit of a quality education at FLSM.  We fought hard to keep our accreditation with ACCET, but unfortunately, we have reached the end of the road in that pursuit.  While FLSM staff will continue to provide all classes and services through September 20, 2019, we ask that you direct any questions to Campus Director Patrick Comstock ( or CEO Shannon Yerkic (