Student Spotlight: Part-time Evening 2017

Samantha Spaulding, Micheryl Blake, Brian Alexander and Kristen Angell make up all of our Part-Time Evening Program at the Finger Lakes School of Massage . This small yet mighty group of four students are known around our Ithaca campus for their focus, dedication and teamwork–leaning in and supporting each other beautifully during their time in our massage program. They make an exceptional team and that is why they are collectively our December Students of the Month. They are so in sync, they have even answered the following questions as a group. 

Name one person who has had an impact on your life and explain why: Our Immediate family and  former teachers have inspired us and taught us about life, the hard work  needed for achievement, and fairness
How did you become interested in becoming a massage therapist? We like to give back to the world and help others. We were inspired by the healing power of massageWhat led you to choose Finger Lakes School of Massage as your massage therapy school? A schedule that allowed us to balance work, family and school and still get a great education What is your favorite thing about FLSM and why?
The holistic approach to education and the passion of the teachers

Name one thing you cannot live without: 
Compassion, laughter, happiness and food

Name one country you would love to visit:
Ireland, Maldives and Germany

State three adjectives that describe you:
Fun, committed and caring

What is your go-to song when you need to get motivated?

We are the Champions by Queen and The Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother

What are your plans after graduating from massage therapy school?
Work at a Spa, Travel and practice Massage!

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