You Are What You Seek

Many of us search for purpose, and within that search we are often focused on a method to get there, or a teacher to guide us. Often it is believed that the solution, and the answers, are found externally. We emulate others, copy friends, try to reform ourselves into what we see as the way to truth, purpose, and a meaningful life. Searching outside of ourselves is not the right direction. If you feel lost, go within. The map and the treasure reside within you already. It is your own voice that speaks the language of your soul and it will provide you with direction. If you seek purpose, and want to experience a sense of wholeness, find your own voice.


It is true that there are so many wonderful teachers out there. People who inspire others and are able to help bridge knowledge gaps or illuminate a path are often magnetic and fun to be around. So certainly reach out and surround yourself with those kind of teachers, guides, and muses. However, when listening to these outside voices, take time to distill the information and listen to your inner wisdom as well. Knowledge, wisdom and growth are not shiny objects to seek out, but rather are hidden relics inside you to be dusted off and polished.


Deep silence can help open the channel to your own consciousness, your own being in the awareness. What you hear in your own heart and what feels in your bones like truth, is in fact the wisdom you crave. No Ph.D is necessary. You are unique and as you know and honor yourself you find that your voice is just as important as the most famous teacher, celebrity or politician. With discipline and practice you can peel back the layers of illusion and the stories that cloud and clutter your access to your own personal truth-voice.


Each person has an important part to play in the world. The closer people become to being who they really are, the more valuable their voice becomes. Have you ever experienced speaking from your heart as it was filled with pure love, trust and enthusiasm? Have you ever written down your thoughts and feeling and afterwards thought, “Where did that come from?” Your voice is the key to action and expression. Using your authentic voice can be action in and of itself. Speak your truth, know that you are worthy. What you seek is right inside you already, and it has been there since the day you were born.


Take time to really focus on and cultivate your relationship with your authentic voice. Make friends with the teacher that resides inside you. Perhaps if we give the inner teacher the microphone, the inner critic will have to sit back stage. Know that there is wisdom and love in your truth-voice, and you are here to express it. As you express this truth and love, you commit to conscious intention and inspire others to do the same. You are the seed that holds the entire tree. You are already that which you are seeking.