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The Transformational Power of Stillness - Ithaca

Massage clients often long to inhabit their body in a more grounded, integrated, and expansive way. When they do so, they have access to deeper levels of healing, relaxation, and wellness. This 2-day workshop will give you simple, practical tools to enable this healing disposition in your clients and to begin perceiving it in yourself. The foundation is the practitioner’s inner stillness.

This kind of stillness is not passive, nor is it conventional energy work; it is a skillful "non-doing” that blends meditative inquiry with the healing arts. Become quiet like clear water, and you mysteriously become an effortless catalyst for your clients' healing and transformation. You will also more confidently perceive the interior landscape of your client as it arises in your awareness. The uncanny things you discern will further your clients’ process.

We will take our lead from a bodywork modality called Biodynamic Craniosacral Work. But this weekend we will distill the material into an enlivening, non-technical, and non-medical approach that will move you toward embodiment, wholeness, and freedom of perception. The perceptual skills you gain can be applied to all healing arts, self-care, and your relationships with clients, students, and loved ones.

Instructor Jenna Milner will mentor you in simple internal adjustments of awareness that she uses in clinical practice to promote grounding, positive body image, pain relief, perceptual clarity, and the evolution of consciousness. The foundational kinesthetic and perceptual tools that you learn in this workshop can be integrated into any modality you practice.

Jenna Milner, nationally board-certified and licensed massage therapist, has been in full-time private practice since 1996. In addition to a background in meditation and yoga, Jenna intensively studied Visionary Craniosacral Work (with Reiko Dewey and Hugh Milne of The Milne Institute); Biodynamic Craniosacral Work (with Charles Ridley, author of Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and The Evolution of Consciousness); and Wholeness Healing (with Levent Bolukbasi of the IM School of Healing Arts). Since 2007 Jenna has been mentoring students through an original curriculum called ALCHEMY of PRESENCE. For more information please visit:


Instructor: Jenna Milner LMT
Date/Time: November 4th - November 5th 2017 , 9:45am-6:15pm
Location: FLSM, Ithaca
Early Registration Discount: Register by October 5th 2017 and pay $342
Payment Info: There is a $100 non-refundable deposit to register for this workshop or you may pay the full amount. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover accepted. 
Prerequisite: LMT
Registration Contact: or (607) 272-9024 x.29
Continuing Education Credits: 16 NYS and 16 NCBTMB

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