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Touch for Health Kinesiology Level 1

TFH Kinesiology was developed with everyone in mind, whether self-help, for your family
& friends, or as an adjunct to your current profession. This system of Kinesiology is one of
the most comprehensive, dynamic and holistic forms of natural therapy and mind-body
medicine; integrating the ancient wisdom of oriental medicine and modern science for
optimal health and well-being. Kinesiology employs the art and science of manual muscle-
testing as an assessment tool for 'biofeedback and stress monitoring' to detect imbalances
in the body and make corrections to upgrade performance in all areas of life - physical,
emotional, mental, energetic, nutritional/biochemical and lifestyle. Enhanced function and
healing from deeper level balances for higher-level wellness.

TFH Overview
 The history, philosophy and principles of Kinesiology
 The Ethics of Muscle Testing: Various issues specific to the use of muscle-testing in
kinesiology work by addressing issues pertaining to the 'self responsibility model',
respecting the client, hygiene, biases impact on reliability, clear communication, misuse
of muscle-testing and more.
 How to manual test others: The Art and Science of muscle-testing as an assessment tool
for biofeedback and how to make corrections. Learn how to apply this skill with
precision, ease, comfort and confidence on everyone. The importance of "pre-checks"
prior to muscle-testing for clearing neurological disorganization and how to maintain a
clear circuit for biofeedback.
 Communication: Skillful language to empower and encourage collaboration in the
wellness process.
 Acute and chronic pain release by tapping into the body's natural pain relief response
Instantly tone weak muscles and sedate muscles through the acupuncture meridians
 Nutrition - Identify foods and supplements that support or stress your body and "hidden"
sensitivities, and nutrition that supports individual muscles.

 Release mental and emotional stress, resolve past trauma, enhance future performance,
goal balances, time-of-day balance (work shift changes/seasonal/jet lag), visual inhibition
and auricular balance
 Surrogate Testing for infants, children, elderly, pets, etc.
 Muscle balancing to correct posture
 Neurolymphatic points, neurovascular points, spinal reflex points, acupuncture meridians,
5 element theory balances, acupuncture points, and variety of different ways to work with
meridians as they have a direct connection to organs and muscles too.

Instructor: Roze Kintner,
Date/Time: August 24th - May 25th 2019 , 8:45am to 5:00pm
Location: Finger Lakes School of Massage, Mt. Kisco
Tuition:$$350.00 with a $50.00
Payment Info: Roze Kintner, Energy Medicine Practitioner Phone: (607)221-4712 Email:
Registration Contact: Roze Kintner
Continuing Education Credits:

To register for this workshop contact the email address listed in the description

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