Thank you for your interest in providing housing to our massage students. FLSM runs several programs throughout the year. Our full-time students are often seeking seven-month leases beginning in January, April, June, and September. Our part-time students are usually seeking weekend accommodations for several weekends each month for a two-year period of time.

If you would like incoming FLSM students to have access to information about your rental property, please fill out the form below. It is free for local homeowners and landlords to advertise through our site. Your listing will be made available to FLSM students only. Providing complete information and offering reasonable rental fees may make your listing more attractive to potential student renters; however, FLSM does not guarantee that any landlord will receive inquiries. It is each landlord's ongoing responsibility to provide accurate and updated information. FLSM takes no responsibility for information transmitted.

While FLSM neither recommends nor screens any of the rentals listed through our site, our responsibility is to our students and we permanently remove any listing about which we receive any negative feedback.

Any contact, contract, or arrangements any student makes with any landlord is at their own discretion.

NOTE: You will be responsible for notifying FLSM when your listing has expired.

Landlord Information

NOTE: This is the Landlord's address and not the address of the rental property

Campus Information

House/Property Information

The character limit is 200 characters.

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